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2013年08月31日 (土)

The result of the last Upper House election and our path to take

Appeal on a drastic regulatory reform in the economic growth strategies

The Upper House election was over. I visited twenty prefectures throughout Japan as a chairman of Policy Research Council and head of Election Strategy Headquarter.  I would like to express my appreciation from bottom of my heart for all the warm supports which I received in each region.  What I mainly appealed during the election was that the economic growth strategies should be focused on a drastic regulatory reform to make the economy activate.  It was important to break down vested interests for its realization.

The election resulted in an increase of 5 seats

As a result of the last election, Liberal Democratic Party (L.D.P.) and the New Komeito drastically increased their seats.  We, Your Party, gained 5 seats from the previous numbers which were 4 seats of the electoral districts, 4 seats of the proportional representation constituency and 3 seats up for re-election.  Our result was not the level which we proudly say to be significant breakthrough with confidence.  Although I think that the result can be well compared to that of the Japanese Communist Party, which increased from three to eight, the media reported it as an impressive result.

Raise our policy and present our roadmap

Your Party’s share of the vote in the proportional-representation constituency at the Lower House election last year was 8.72%.  This time it edged up slightly to 8.90% at the last Upper House election.  I think that we stayed well under the situation in which the Democratic Party of Japan (D.P.J.) decreased their share from 16% to 13.40% and the Japan Restoration Party from 20.38% to 11.90%.  In contrast, the L.D.P. and the New Komeito increased each their shares in all over the country, the L.D.P. from 27.62% to 34.70% and the New Komeito from 11.83% to 14.20%.  This figure shows that the L.D.P. and the New Komeito have taken over from the D.P.J. and the Japan Restoration Party, we have to study seriously this fact.  We will stress the need strongly to appeal to the public and to present roadmap.

Work toward National Administrative Reform

Your Party is concerned the media reports that the Party goes into a confusion after the last election.  Now Your Party is a center of attention as a core partner of opposition parties when the reorganization takes place.  It is regrettable that such media reports were published.  We will carefully examine the result of the Upper House election and necessary issues to revise within the party.  Then we will unite firmly ourselves under the same principle and philosophy.  We appreciate your continued support and encouragement.

Keiichiro Asao

Member of the House of Representatives



2013年08月31日 (土)

あさお慶一郎ミニ対談:松田 喬和氏

※講演の全模様は「あさお慶一郎君を応援する会」(通称 あさお会)の特別賛助会員に向けて、USTREAMで無料生中継されました。


〈松田 喬和(まつだたかかず)〉
1969年 3月 早稲田大学卒
4月 毎日新聞入社、東京本社福島支局に配属
1973年 4月 東京本社社会部に配属
1974年 4月 政治部に転属、田中首相番に
1991年 2月 政治部デスク
1995年 7月 横浜支局長
1998年 4月 広告局企画開発本部長
1999年10月  論説委員
2004年 4月 論説室専門編集委員
2009年 9月 『松田喬和の首相番日誌』連載開始
2012年11月 『番日誌』終了
2013年 4月 政治コラム『一樹百穫』連載開始
『中曽根内閣史』(95年 共著 中央公論社)
『現代日本政党史録』(04年 共著 第一法規)
BS11「インサイドアウト」コメンテーター(月、木曜日 22:00~)


2013年08月21日 (水)


8月30日(金曜深夜)2525~2825 (正確には31日土曜日01:25~04:25)

●テーマ 「激論!ド~する消費増税とアベノミクス」(仮)


2013年08月21日 (水)


8月24日(土) 午前6:45~7:30 TBS「サタデーずばっと」に生出演します。




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